Clipart On Powerpoint 2010

Not getting your message across? Maybe it’s those canned presentations you’ve been using for years. With CustomGuide’s Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 course you will learn how to create and deliver dynamic, professional-looking presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint provides numerous options for adding audio to a presentation. Music, sounds and audio effects can be imported into PowerPoint and adjusted to fit the timing of a presentation. Audio narrations also can be recorded and timed to meet user specifications. This article provides detailed instructions for adding audio clips and recording a narration in PowerPoint.

Every PowerPoint presentation is composed of a series of slides . To begin creating a slide show, you'll need to know the basics of working with slides. You'll need to feel comfortable with tasks such as inserting a new slide, changing the layout of a slide, arranging existing slides, changing slide view , and adding notes to a slide.

Today, we are looking at a troubleshooting tip which started as a question from one of our subscribers.  Here is the scenario that “John Smith” was experiencing, and we’ll go over how to fix this particular problem.

I was recently asked the questions about how to remove elements from one of our animated PowerPoint templates.  Specifically, our subscriber wanted to remove the globe and keep the rest of the animation from this template. But she also wanted to keep the globe animation in other slides.

Microsoft Office online website is a great resource for those who want to learn about Microsoft products and download assets and resources like free clipart for PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office products.

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