Clipart Bei Powerpoint 2013

Whether you’re making a presentation at the workplace or for a school project, if it’s October, it might not hurt to add some Halloween cheer to your slides. In a previous post we brought you a list of the best Halloween PowerPoint templates , this time we have a list of Halloween clipart that can help you make some awesome PowerPoint presentations.

The following list describes features and functionality from earlier versions of PowerPoint that have been significantly changed or discontinued in desktop PowerPoint 2013.

Microsoft Office online website is a great resource for those who want to learn about Microsoft products and download assets and resources like free clipart for PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office products.

Welcome to the second installment in our Getting Started series of video tutorials.  This tutorial will give a brief overview of using our 3D animations and clipart in your PowerPoint presentations.

I was recently asked the questions about how to remove elements from one of our animated PowerPoint templates.  Specifically, our subscriber wanted to remove the globe and keep the rest of the animation from this template. But she also wanted to keep the globe animation in other slides.

Few pictures