Clip Art Images Wings

Aren’t these interesting?!! These beautiful feather wings are from a Magpie , found in an early Natural History book. I thought they would be wonderful to use for Angels though! Great for collage or mixed media projects , or even scrapbooking !

Funny and romantic Valentine clip art graphics, cute sweetheart borders, lovestruck animals, fairies, cupid, kissing lips, word art, clever word frames, conversation heart candy, diamond and crocheted hearts plus many more - there's even a love pirate design picture in our February 14 holiday images collection.

This nice little Bunny Rabbit Silhouette , comes from an 1870’s Typography book ! This one is actually teeny tiny in the book, but I scanned it at a super high resolution and enlarged it to make it more useful for you. Not necessarily an Easter Image, but it would work well for your Holiday Craft Projects !

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