Bumble Bee Clipart

The bumble bee is both feared for it's painful sting, admired for their co-operation and loved for the honey that they produce! These graphics of honey bees could be used to decorate labels of home-made sweets, for scrapbooking or on your website of blog.

After designing some Ladybug Birthday Printables for a birthday party last month, I had someone ask me to design the same party elements with bumblebees. So since I took the time to create these projects, I decided to SHARE them with YOU!

Elegant and inspiring, this classic wedding invitation is created in black and white. Highlighted by an arrangement of peonies, accented by a sweet bumblebee, this wedding invitation is perfect for a formal wedding. This 5x7 template is easily customized online. Prints on 8.5x11 inch card stock Trims to 5x7 inches Fits A7 envelope

After the long Winter months, spring is always a welcome season with flowers blooming, trees budding and the first time in a while we can go outside and get some sunlight. To celebrate this season here's a collection of images you can use to decorate , print invitations, on websites and more!

Few pictures